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The Happy Ending of Kaavan’s Journey as the “loneliest elephant in the world”

“The loneliest elephant in the world” sounds like a fairy tale right? But unfortunately it’s a true story based on an elephant named as Kaavan..

We couldn’t be happier to announce that Kaavan – World’s loneliest elephant, who isn’t so lonely anymore is transferred to Cambodian wildlife sanctuary where he gets to meet other elephants.

After the massive protests by animal rights advocates and rescue organizations, the Oscar winning singer, Cher came forward in 2016 to take his responsibility, Since then, Cher has been fighting against his horrible captivity for 35 years in Marghazar Zoo, Islamabad.


Kaavan was a baby when he was separated from his mother in Sri Lanka and was gifted to Pakistan when he was 1 year old.

He was kept in Islamabad Zoo where he found his friend “Saheli”. Due to health issues, Kaavan’s only partner passed away in 2012 leaving Kaavan as the loneliest elephant which mentally affected him. Kaavan was kept in an unhygienic environment with no proper diet on time which also led to his obesity.

“I thought, ‘How can I fix this? How can I save an elephant who’s been shackled to a shed for 17 years and who is a thousand miles away?’,”This is Free The Wild’s first big rescue and I am so proud.”

Popstar Cher

After the twitter protests, Islamabad High Court decided to close the Marghazar Zoo and ordered Four Paws to remove Kavaan from there.

A special 10-acre area crate was prepared to take him first to Isalamabad International Airport. From where he was taken to Russia and then to Campodia. The plane was stopped in New Delhi for refueling.
It is also said that the team of 10 medical doctors was all the way with him.

Well Wishers of Kaavan gathered at Marghazar Zoo with music treats and baloons to give him a nice farewell.

Our famous Kaavan made into headlines all over the globe which led the topest judge of Pakistan’s High Court to order the removal or all the animals from the zoo.

“I’ve never bonded with an animal like I did with Kaavan and he finally found a friend in me, but with other elephants he can have more friends that speak the same language … and have someone who can hear you,”

Dr Amir Khalil.

“Especially because he was so lonely for so many years. Elephants have great memories, he’s witnessed so much and he’s going to have great stories to tell his new lady friends.”

Kaavan is a ray of hope and a miracle in Pakistan’s history. Wish it happened a little earlier but it’s better late than never. 😊

He looks all happy and smiley now.

It is said that this is his first friendly contact in 8 years after his partner died.

Okay … I’m not crying :'( You are.

“We have been counting down to this moment and dreaming of it for so long and to finally see Kaavan transported out of [the Islamabad] zoo will remain with us forever.” Cher was due to fly to Cambodia on Sunday to be in the Southeast Asian nation when the elephant arrives.

“We are extremely moved to see this”

Four Paws

A huge bunch of thanks to the popstar Cher, Government of Pakistan, Cambodia Sanctuary, Pakistan Military, Free The WIld rescue organization and a special thanks to Four Paws team and doctors.

The Nation appreciates Dr Amir Khalil for his immense ammount of efforts and love for Kaavan. We owe you alot!! Prayers!!

We all are in happy tears right now to see him cherishing life all over again <3

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