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Model Farwah Kazmi tested positive for Covid 19.

Pakistan had been one of the countries where the cases of Covid 19 declined to some extent, However, as people started swiftly shifting back to normal routine life while ignoring basic precautionary measures, even though the pandemic is far from over, a sudden rise in positive cases was inevitable and the second wave hit Pakistan.

Meanwhile, while the showbiz was on the run, Model Farwa Kazmi also announced that she has been tested Covid 19 positive after modeling on the ramp.
The model revealed the news on Instagram yesterday evening and requested everyone who has come in contact with her, to isolate themselves.

“I am COVID positive. Everyone who has been in touch with me or Ali in the past week, please quarantine yourself,” she requested.

After all, Advices are for everyone.
Farwa stated: “All those with cough, body-aches and headaches but no fever; please get yourself tested. I had delayed it thinking its seasonal cold, but its not.”

It has been 10 months since the Covid 19, People like Farwa seem much aware of the symptoms and triggers for Covid 19, It’s shocking to find out how we still ignore and avoid symptoms of Covid.

She also put a story where she wrote all the symptoms telling the public when should they visit the hospital and get tested.

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