Khaadi – The Story Behind The Curtain of Clothing Success

Khaadi is Pakistan’s biggest sensational fashion brand which has a handwoven clothing line which serves men, women and children with a separate interior textile line, established in 1998 owned by Shamoon Sultan, Pakistan’s leading textile Designer and Businessman. 

Khaadi Enduring in the Covid’19 Storm

Due to the pandemic, most of the businesses have been undergoing losses or been shut down due to the uncertain situation flying across the country. The question is How did Khaadi cope up with the unfavourable circumstances? 

According to Shamoon it was not easy to fight with the pandemic but the idea of solidarity kept him going as not only Khaadi was suffering in fact the whole world was. But later on, when the normalcy returned in the lifestyle as malls reopened, Shamoon’s hectic pace continued as well. 

To fight the uncertainty from the business point of view the business decided to centralised the main objective of their brand the women ready to wear and unstitched apparel and decided to put a hold on the other lines including the kid’s apparel, the home furnishing line and Khaadi Khaas until the situation was stable again. Now that the things have started to normalise Khaadi has been derived to their main focus of achieving new clothing lines again. Moreover, Shamoon states it’s not that the business hasn’t been through challenging times before, they have received many setbacks back in 2007&2008, but now Khaadi was an established business ready to bear any hardships coming in the future.

Khaadi Collections

Moreover, as we recall despite the hard times there were queues of shoppers outside of every Khaadi outlet during the pandemic which is a great achievement for the business itself,  As Shamoon also said it was a great confidence booster for him as well. 


Another question that arises is Why Khaadi Collaborated with Esra when never Undertook any other celebrity Collaborations before?

Well, this can be a start to more celebrity collaborations quoted by Shamoon, the reason for featuring with Esra Bilgic was not only because she was a famous face, hence there was a whole collection derived from Esra’s personality and a lot of hard work was invested in conceiving the marketing campaigns for the collab. People all over Pakistan were greatly admiring the Dirilis Ertugrul series, so the Esra collab was mandatory as the hype was exceptional.

Esra Biligic Collaboration Campaign has been blasting all over the internet as the actress looks Remarkable against the Turkish backdrops the clothes have been so sensational as seen all over the internet.

Khaadi X Esra Bilgic

Hence, Khaadi has been an ultimate symbol of Success and Pakistan’s Leading Fashion Brand Weathering in every Storm for the past 22 years. Shamoon’s passion for his work has been aiding in the favourable consequences of Khaadi, and he has made it clear that nothing will hold him back.

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