Tiktoker, Ali Khan Hyderabadi Bashes a Fan in a Live Session

Its high time that we finally acknowledge “Colourism” as offensive and instead of baning ads and applications, we ban ethical crimes like Racism, Colourism, Sectarianism and much more happening in the country.

Recently, A well known, famous tiktoke Ali Khan Hyderabadi bashed a fan for its Darker Colour!!

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Tiktok chal rhi hai ab 😍

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Does fame and money justifies people of doing such disgusting humiliatiion? Does it give us the authority to say whatever we want to say?

Does a colour has anything to do with a person himself?

Ali Khan Hyderabadi invited a fan in his recent Instagram live session and started makng fun of her dark complexion asking her to clean the face so that it can appear “clearer”.

Ali had a kid alonsgide and none was appearing infront of the camera, both were constantly laughing and avoiding to talk to the fan while she was talking constantly and calling Ali to talk to her but Ali kept on avoiding his fan.

He further added to his insensitive comment by saying” darr raha hai thora, aap camera saaf karo.” 
He also asked the girl to ‘clean’ her camera.

Alot of people have expressed hate on this..

The rest you decide.
We hope this tiktoker apologizes to the fan publicly..

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