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Haachi – A lost Golden Labrador still hasn’t been found, Owner says he’s in pain.

Pets are not just ordinary animals to the family, they’re the whole living thing, a part of a family. They are not considered as a voiceless being but a four legged creature with 6 senses and a heart full of love. When you start living with them, you realize how smart, conscious they are of the surroundings just like us.

Same must be for the owner of this lost dog Hachi, He seems in pain! 🙁

Recently, A very heartbreaking news has been floating around the social media about the lost/kidnapped dog,
Hachi – A charming Labrador with a beautiful soul.

Hachi belongs to a guy named Khawaja Nauman Maqbool, who owns an art gallery in Gullberg, Lhr and is a traveler as well. He is constantly looking for his baby pet, requesting people to spread the word.
The dog went missing on 25th October.
“This dog is my whole life, so please return him to me, He is of no use to you since he’s neutered”, Says Nauman.

The story behind the incident:

According to the owner Nauman, he went missing when they both went to dirt biking and tent pegging in the area of SA Housing Scheme near Kala Shah Kaku on Sunday. Nauman left the dog alone with the car since he thought it will not be a great idea to take him to the crowd, and went on tent pegging. On his return , Hachi was gone and missing.
“I thought he must be roaming around exploring somewhere so I decided to wait in the car for 15 mins, but he didn’t return back”

Police and guards of that area tried to look for the dog and they still are but no sign of that poor baby.

“I know what he must be doing right now, he must be lying or sitting in the room, place or wherever he is and must be looking constantly to the door while waiting for me”, said the teary eyed Nauman

Filled in with sadness, Nauman told that he looked for him since 3pm in the evening to 12am.  “Woh chahay 6 maa zinda rahay, 4 saal ya jitna bhi arsa, who siirf maira intizaar karayga aur kuch nahi karay ga, yeh khiyaal mujhe raat ko sonay nahi daita, main issay apni saans tak talaash karunga”

This shows the pain and love for his baby dog Hachi

About the dog:

Haachi is a 7 years old neutered Golden Labrador. Almost 1 lac rupees are mentioned as the reward for finding this poor soul. He looks very playful and active. The owner tells that he used to get over excited during the traveling and adventures .

Oh God it breaks my heart to see this adorbie 🙁

Here are the ways to find Hachi!

This is the group “Let’s find Hachi”:

Keep on checking the OLX and Pet Markets, It’s a bitter reality that filthy people usually kidnap such breeds and sell them on olx or pet markets.
If you see him somewhere, Just bring him to the safe place, and inform the owner on the given phone number:
0321- 8496285

We pray that she returns soon, and that the owner gets over this pain as soon as possible.
Hope she is healthy and happy wherever she is..

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